Home Security Industry Booms As People Tighten Their Home Security

There have been times that I have spent quite a few hours talking to people about the security of their homes. One of the many questions I ask these people is if they ever noticed any suspicious activities in or at their homes. Broken windows, burglaries, suspicious people, anything suspicious. Most of the people had stories of their own and all this led to them installing some type of home security system on their premises.

Someone told me he had been at home one afternoon. After leaving to pick up his son they returned home about 20 minutes later and one of the windows at the front was broken. Several items were also missing from the home. He actually suspected that someone had been keeping watch on the house and took their chance when they saw him leave.

Another person, a mother of three, said that she had once opened the door to someone who claimed to be some type of salesman. After making the sales pitch, he then politely requested to speak about his products with her inside the home. He then asked to use her phone but she refused due to him being so persistent.

Every one of us has stories of persistent encounters with suspicious people – some far worse than others. I have heard plenty of stories from different people who never really knew that it would happen to them on that day. Of course, these two individuals did not wake up that morning and know what would befall them that day. This is just another example of the importance of being proactive when it comes to the security of your home.

Installing an alarm system can be done in two ways.

There are many simple and easy to follow DIY instructions that will help you install the alarm system yourself and successfully link it to a response tower if necessary. Linked alarm security systems do not come cheap and they usually involve registering with a private company which will monitor your house regularly. Some people decide against linking their alarm systems to an armed response service because of the long and obligatory contract period. Linked alarm systems are also more expensive because of the important secondary benefits that add value to any alarm such as a notification function that sends a text message to the homeowner from the security company’s response tower. This message seeks to alert the owner that the home may be at risk of unauthorized entry by criminals and to get confirmation from the homeowner if this is a real situation or perhaps, a false alarm.

Elite and trusted security monitoring companies that specialize in providing security services and products suited for use around the home employ staff that is sufficiently trained for tactical responses to life or death situations. Such companies monitor homes from a remote location and are able to respond effectively and apply any necessary force to protect their client.

There are many types of alarm systems designed for the home and they differ greatly in the features they include depending on how much the homeowner is willing to pay. Though home security systems can be very expensive they are an excellent investment towards safety in the home.

What you need to know about alarm systems

Home alarms systems are becoming increasingly popular in South Africa. This is mainly because of the high crime rates that we experience in the country. Not only are burgular incidents on the rise, but they are also becoming increasingly more violent by the year. There are many burglar incidents which are reported that the inhabitants of the home were injured and in some cases killed.

A home alarm system can protect your home, assets and yourself along with your family. There are different types of home alarm systems with different prices for each one. You get affordable cheap home alarm systems which may just be a simple alarm to notify you if someone enters your home when you are not there, then you get others who are connected to a security company who will drive to your home to make sure all is well.

The more expensive home alarm systems may have a system where if the alarm isn’t deactivated the security company may either drive out to your home or phone you and ask for a deactivation code. This can be the most effective system although if a planned robbery were to happen you might not be allowed to answer the phone or you could be forced to give the deactivation code.

The most expensive home alarm systems you may find are those which have high security. From alarms to security beams and even camera surveillance. This is so that you are always able to keep an eye on your property from monitors you have set up or even on your laptop, computer or smartphone.

Home alarm systems are important for your and your family’s safety. They can be set up by yourself, but it will be better to have a qualified technician set it up to avoid any problems which may arise. Home alarm systems can give you the peace of mind that your property is safe when you are not at home.

Home alarm systems come in many different sizes and types as well. Simple alarm systems may also come with panic buttons set up around the house, which may come in handy when trying to notify your security company and doing it discreetly.

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