The Top 3 Reasons Why Getting Treatment at a Rehabilitation Centre is Better than Going Cold Turkey

You may have heard all sorts of stories about what happens in a rehabilitation centre. I admit the thought of going into rehab can be an intimidating one. The scary thought of this may lead to addicts thinking that they can help themselves, which is very risky and dangerous because of the withdrawal symptoms that are experienced when the drug isn’t used or readily available. It is estimated that only 4% of addicts who go through withdrawals symptoms, managed to abstain and become clean for a year without professional help.

Before you make up your mind, it’s important that you know exactly what happens during the treatment and below you will be able to find the top 3 reasons why getting treatment at a rehabilitation centre is better than going “cold turkey”.

The Person will be Around People Who Know What They’re Doing

Beating addiction can be a tough task, so it’s important to know that you have the best people at your side. In treatment, you will be surrounded by addiction treatment specialists and various other medical professionals that will be at your assistance 24 hours a day.

These people have been educated and trained to specialise in the field of addiction.

When an addict suffers the withdrawal symptoms, the staff at the rehabilitation centre can help monitor the situation as there are lots of physical and mental side effects of immediate abstinence. Medical detoxification may also be done in order to lessen or remove these symptoms.
Throughout the stay in rehab, the addict will receive the best medical treatment and support from people who knows what the individual is going through and will also teach the recovering addict ways how to manage their cravings as well as how to avoid using the narcotic substance in the future.

The Person Will Be in a Peaceful Environment
In rehab, patients will be in a place that is free from all the pressures of the outside world. No angry loved ones, no work issues to worry about and most importantly, no one that can entice you to use drugs or alcohol. In rehab, it’s all about you.

Going cold turkey would mean that you will be constantly around triggers that could force the addict to use the addicted substance again.

Once in the rehabilitation centre, the individual will be given a schedule to follow that will keep them focused on the main goal and away from any possible distractions.

The Person Will Be Taught How to Make the Right Choices
Because addiction doesn’t only affect the addict physically but also mentally, it can negatively affect and influence decisions that the individual makes.

The staff members at the rehabilitation centre will help teach the recovering addict how to make positive and correct decisions again which will help in the prevention of ever using the addicted substance again.

There are many other reasons why addiction treatment is better, but the main aim of rehab is to ensure that the addict has a good and healthy environment in order to make a recovery and also to ensure that the individual remains clean and sober.

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