The Secondary Benefits of Car Insurance

Ensuring the motor vehicle should never be viewed as the worst for money; it is in essence the best security one can have for their motor vehicles. Think of it in a positive way, the insurer takes a risk and underwrites to pay large sums of money in case of damage or loss. In most cases, car insurance pays more than what you have paid since the day of the inception of the policy. Insurance is a win-win for both parties. Most insurers offer bonuses for their clients if they don’t claim for a certain period.

There are many benefits associated with having insurance. One of the most important benefits that insured people enjoy is the towing benefit. We all know that towing is very expensive for a very short distance. Imagine you are stuck in the Karoo; the cost you would incur while towing your car to your home or to have it towed to the workstation would be way more than is reasonable. It would probably cost a deposit for a car. Unfortunately, the only other option is to risk leaving your car a great distance away from where it could even be stolen. Most people lose their cars to towing companies, this is because of the storage fees that are accumulated while the car was stored in their premises plus the towing fees involved.

On top of the towing costs that you may incur, there are also storage fees that the tow companies may charge and it goes up by day. During accidents, we are all confused. We may end up making wrong decisions, especially if we don’t have insurance. Insurance companies provide those two facilities for free to their clients. They offer an approved towing truck and storage, usually free of charge to their clients. Now no matter how far from the home you may be, you are sure that your insurance will take care of the rest at no extra cost to you. This is just another benefit you get from being insured. It is the right decision to be insured, it is sound and highly rewarding.