The Scinapse App Improves the Way That Medical Care is Managed at Sporting Events

Scinapse is a High-powered Eventing Healthcare App That is the First of Its Kind

Its purpose is to securely manage and assist events that involve a large number of participants. The app enables the experienced medical staff at Mediclinic to plan for occasions, thereby minimizing potential dangers and maximizing the quality of care provided. 

According to Dr. Darren Green, Medical Officer of Mediclinic’s Corporate Events team, “Eventing healthcare necessitates accurate and detailed data to make early and tough decisions while minimizing risks and maintaining the safety of all attendees, crew, and viewers.” The Scinapse app, which was created with AUX Studio, has been providing exactly that since 2019 when it was introduced for the first time at the Cape Town Marathon. 

Scinapse is capable of recording and synchronizing patient information instantaneously as a race or event is taking place. This allows all of the medical professionals on the course to have access to the same data at any given time. Because of this, every member of the team has the authority to provide the highest possible level of service to hundreds of sportsmen as they compete in various sporting events. This can be done more rapidly, effectively, and precisely than ever before. 

The Method Involved 

For optimal functionality, the application is installed on tablets measuring 10 inches. According to Caroline Murray, who serves as the Clinical Logistics Coordinator for Corporate Events, “On the morning of the event, each of our physicians and nurses receives an iPad when they arrive.” When a user of Scinapse users logs into a new event, a brief onboarding training module appears. For first-time users, completing this module takes no more than ten minutes. 

In the days leading up to an event, the members of the Corporate Events medical team will ask the event organizers for a participating member database, which they will then load onto Scinapse. Athletes are also given a pre-screening survey by Mediclinic, which is used to collect information about them, such as their next of kin, health care, food intolerances, medications, and medical records. If someone decides to sign up for the event at the very last minute, their information can be entered manually into the Scinapse software. 

According to Dr. Green, “The pre-populated dataset that is married with Scinapse provides instant admittance clerking just using the race number of the athlete.” “In addition, it helps us when the athlete is unable to communicate for themselves because they are non – responsive. Instantaneously, we are then in a position to view the patient health information. 

The Advantages of Using Live Data

A principal commanding officer from the South African Police Service (SAPS), the race officials, the medical director, and authorized representative from disaster risk management, SAPS, traffic control, police departments, fire brigade, and emergency services are all members of the venue operations center (VOC), which serves as the nerve center of every event. These role players get together once an hour to discuss any problems that may have arisen, to coordinate resources if issues do occur, and to find ways to improve the event’s safety, using the information that they have obtained from Scinapse and all support services networks. Representatives of the Critical Mediclinic team are included in the VOC, and this includes Dr. Green. 

“The app enables peripheral direct exposure to satellite users like the VOC, the main race hospital, and various medical stations along the route of the event,” explains Dr. Green. “The VOC is a vital operation center.” “The live platform that can be retrieved via computer systems in the VOC provides us with priceless data that enables us to evaluate precise details about all medical encounters that take place on race day. Throughout the entirety of the event, we will have ready access to a comprehensive overview of the parameters that have been specified. 

The team can see, for instance, when there is a surge in the number of clients admitted with dehydration because they have access to this information. “Then individuals at all of the locations along the trail can put the humidex – a combo of temperature and humidity – into Scinapse so we can determine what the humidex index is at a juncture along the trail at any given time,” explains Murray. “Pie charts are also produced in order to display the breakdown to us. The ability to provide a solution in the event that we observe an increase in humidex and an increase in dehydration is one of the major advantages of obtaining real-time data. We can then arrange the logistics to bring more ice to the location in question. 

“If we notice a frequent trauma or healthcare pattern, like a large number of knee problems at a specific point, we ask why,” Murray continues.  The next step is to determine whether or not there is an obstruction that is causing people to trip and then request that the organizers remove it. 

“Therefore, by analyzing the factual data and the trends we’re seeing from one point to the next, we can begin to determine what’s occurring on the trail, anticipate what might happen later, and determine whether or not there’s something we can do to mitigate this, such as lining up the appropriate resources. We haven’t had access to this information in the past, but now we do thanks to Scinapse. This helps to direct key role players and improves the overall danger and medical management of the event. 

According to Dr. Green, the post-event record-keeping is prompt, precise, and exact, which is a significant victory in terms of meeting the regulations for interactions with patients on events that were established by the internationally recognized statement. 

According to Murray, “based on the information that was produced, we are able to see what resources we should bring in the future, precisely how many individuals were seen at each point, and under what kind of conditions.” By piecing together all of the information, we can provide feedback to the event organizers as well as to our team for use in future planning.  The Scinapse App constitutes an additional digital tool that can be integrated into the existing platforms that Mediclinic is utilizing to improve the level of care and expertise that it provides to its customers.

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