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Registration Procedure

Basically there are 2 steps that must be followed in the registration process:
  1. Application for reservation of the name of the CC
  2. Close Corporation Founding Statement

1.   Application for Reservation of Name

  • Before a CC can be registered it is necessary to apply to have its proposed name verified, approved and reserved. This procedure involves:
    • Checks being carried out to ensure that the proposed name does not already appear on the names register.
      • The criteria followed for checking the proposed names include:
        • Similar names
        • Comparative names
        • Offensive names

  • The form that is required to reserve a name is the CK7 form, "Application for Reservation of Name, or Translated Form, or Shortened Form". Click here to obtain help to complete this form.
    • Download and print this form by clicking here.
    • A CK7 can also be lodged electronically by clicking here.
    • This form (CK7) can also be bought from stationers that supply legal forms such as Waltons or Hortors, or some branches of CNA.
    • If not submitted online, the CK7 form must be completed in black ink. The writing must be legible and in capital letters.
    • A fee of R50.00 deducted from your virtual account that you open when you register as a customer.
    • The CK7 must be approved before the lodgement of Form CK1 for registration

  • An application for a name reservation, for a company or for a close corporation, can be lodged electronically through a registered Customer. To register, go to Register as a Customer.

  • Once the proposed name has been checked and approved, the CC Registration Office will confirm approval by way of a confirmation letter, indicating the name that has been confirmed and reserved. This letter is e-mailed or posted to the applicant or can be collected from the counter in Pretoria.
    • Allow 7 working days for actual processing.
    • The approved name is reserved or is valid for 2 months (if expiry falls over a weekend, the name expires on the previous working day i.e. the Friday).

  • If there is a query regarding the proposed names put forward by the applicant, the CK7 form is returned to the application process for modification and re-submission.
  • If the name reservation application is unsuccessful, the applicant is refunded with the cost of the application.

2.   Close Corporations Founding Statement

  • Only when the proposed CCs name has been approved and reserved can the actual registration of the CC be processed.

  • The registration process begins with the completion and submission of the "Close Corporation Founding Statement" (CK1), the cost of which is R100. Click here to obtain help to complete this form. You can also lodge a CK1 electronically here.
    • This form calls for important information about the proposed CC such as details of the members, nature of the business, address, etc.
    • CK1 forms can be downloaded and printed by clicking here.
    • CK1 forms can also be obtainable from Waltons or Hortors, or some branches of CNA.
    • The CK1 form is made up of 3 pages:
      • Pages 1 and 2 to be completed for all registration applications
      • Page 3 is only applicable if there are more than 4 members.
    • The form must be completed in black ink, in block letters.
    • No amendments are allowed.

  • The original CK1 form is to be completed and submitted to the Close Corporation Registration Office in Pretoria. Photocopies not acceptable.

  • On Page 1 of the CK 1 form the name and practice number of the Accounting Officer must be provided
    • An original signed letter from the Accounting Officer, confirming his/her consent to act for the CC must accompany the CK 1 forms.

  • The Accounting Officer must be registered with one of the following institutions:
    • 1. The South African Institute of Chartered Accountants (SAICA)
    • 2. Auditors registered in terms of the provisions of the Auditing Profession Act, 2005(CA)
    • 3. The Southern African Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators (ICSA)
    • 4. The Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA)
    • 5. The South African Institute of Professional Accountants (SAIPA)
    • 6. THE IAC who have obtained the Diploma in Accountancy (IAC)
    • 7. The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA)
    • 8. The Chartered Institute of Business Management (MCIBM)
    • 9. The South African Institute of Business Accountants (SAIBA)
    • 10. The South African Institute of Government Auditors (SAIGA)

  • The letter confirming the name reservation must accompany the completed CK1 form.

  • Allow 5 working days for processing and on completion a confirmation certificate of the approved CK1 form that includes the registration number and registration date is posted or e-mailed to the CC.

  • Non South African citizens who wish to register as members of a CC in the RSA must submit a letter providing their land of origin, passport number and date of birth and are required to approach the Department of Home Affairs regarding work or immigration permits.

Notification of Amendments to Founding Statement

When any changes are made in respect of a registered Close Corporation, it is necessary to notify the Close Corporation Registration Office.

Changes may, for example, relate to membership (new members being added, resigned members, etc.) or changes regarding the Accounting Officer, or the postal address of the CC.

  • Changes must be recorded on the "Amended Founding Statement" (CK 2) form. The lodgement of this form is free of charge and can be done electronically on the CIPRO website.

  • The CK 2 form is made up of Part A and Part B.
    • Part A relates to changes in respect of the name of the CC or the nature of the business.
    • Part B relates to changes in respect of membership details.
    • Part C relates to a person ceasing to be a member. In case of death, please add executors letter and NOT a death certificate.

  • For changes in respect of the Accounting Officer or registered address, form CK2A must be lodged.

  • On CK2, a fee of R30-00 is payable for changes in respect of Part A, but no fee is payable for changes in respect of Part B.

  • The CK2 form must be completed in black ink, using block letters.

  • The signed CK2 form must be submitted to the Close Corporation Registration Office in Pretoria. Please allow for 15 working days from processing.

  • When the changes have been processed, an original CK2 certificate, confirming the registration of the amendments will be dispatched.

  • No amendments are allowed on the form.

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