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Customer Registration

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Who should register?

Any natural or legal person interacting with CIPRO, such as attorneys, law firms, banks, auditors, other enterprises and private individuals must register as customers with CIPRO.

Why should you register as a customer?

  • You need to be registered in order to perform any transactions on the CIPRO website, and you can also monitor applications submitted under your customer code.

What costs are involved?

Customer registration is free of charge.

How do I pay for services?

Registering as a customer automatically establishes a virtual account in the name of the customer at CIPRO. Before using any fee carrying services, a customer must deposit sufficient funds into his virtual account to perform such services. All prescribed disclosure and lodgement fees that are applicable will be deducted from your virtual account.

Payment options

Please make sure that your reference number is clearly indicated.

  • CIPRO Office
  • South African Post Office (SAPO).(Payments for close corporations or co-operatives)You may pay for any of the CIPRO services offered by our Decentralisation partners at a Post Office nearest to you. CIPRO Decentralization process click here.
  • Electronic deposit, using a credit or debit card (you only need to put your customer code in the reference field. The date and sequence number are not required.)
  • Any ABSA bank
  • Any other bank (allow 3-4 days for funds to be allocated)

The CIPRO account details are as follows:

Bank :ABSA
Account Type :Deposit Account
Account Name :CIPRO
Account Number :4055 68 1017
Branch Name :Van der Walt Street
Payment Reference :XXXXXXDDMMCCYY01 (If the Reference Number is less than six characters long then use trailing zeros. (XXXX00DDMMCCYY01)

Example of reference number for bank deposits: 04MALA2603200901 (Customer code + DDMMYYYY + transaction number)
If you are making the deposit electronically you only need to indicate your customer code in the reference field. The date and sequence number are not required.

The reference number will help us to accurately allocate the deposit to your virtual account.
Please allow 2 to 4 working days (depending on your deposit type) for your funds to be cleared in your virtual CIPRO account.
If not allocated, then fax proof of payment to +27 86 522 6639. Mark for attention - Revenue Department and remember to include your customer code as a reference. For finance related enquiries send an e-mail to



Fee Payable

No Fee Payable


All registration forms are available on the CIPRO website in pdf format.




National or Provincial Government Departments may have full access to disclosure functions on our Internet site.




Banks will have full access to disclosure functions on our Internet site.




Access to disclosure of information with respect to company and close corporation entities on the Internet at a prescribed fee.




You will be able to lodge the following documents (CK1, CK2 (part B is free), CK2A (no fee payable), CK7, CM5, CM6 CM8 and CM8A) electronically except National or Provincial Government Departments and banks.  (Only manual lodgements of CK7 & CM5 if section C needs to be completed).

Please note that the original CK1, CK2 and CK2A documents still needs to be manually submitted after online lodgement.




Lodge Annual Returns except for National or Provincial Government Departments and Banks.




Regular status checks on the progress of documents lodged.




All registered companies and close corporations can be e-mailed to you if communications method is e-mail.




Self help tracking of manual applications can be done online and will be billed if link to a specific applications.




Customer Verification.  Each customer that wishes to utilise the electronic lodgement facility for companies (CM29, CM31, CM27A and CM22) has to go through the customer verification process. (Please note that a fee is payable to the Commissioner of Oaths per customer per card per year for verification.)



(Fee payable to CIPRO None)


How do you register?

Online Registration.

After submitting this application (by following the instructions below and accepting the terms and conditions), your account will be activated immediately.

CIPRO Decentralisation Partners

Customers can also go to the CIPRO Decentralisation partners in the provinces to register online (excluding SAPO).

Bank Customers

Bank customers' accounts will only be activated by CIPRO after receipt of a fax or e-mail on an official letterhead, confirming the application and customer code. Please send this fax to our revenue unit at +27 86 522 6639.

Government Customers

Government customers will have view access to the CIPRO database after the required approval process. Please e-mail your request to or, or fax it to +27 86 522 6639.

Help us to help you

Customers must at all times ensure that their preferred mode of delivery is entered correctly, i.e. E-mail, post, docex or collection at CIPRO offices.

Customers who perform bulk transactions are also advised to purchase a stamp with your Customer Code and stamp all documents on the top left side corner. This will help for ease of identification and tracking purposes. Kindly note that all documents will be forwarded to addresses specified by you on the customer registration application. Pleas do not provide an address on the forms?

If you have any queries regarding the registration process, please contact the Call Centre on 086 184 3384 or email

Customer Code (Choose your own customer code. The customer code that you supply here will also be used as your user name when logging onto the CUSTOMER ACCESS portion of this web site. The Customer Code must be 6 characters long. PLEASE DON'T FORGET IT.)  
Password (Choose your own password. The password that you supply here will be used as your password when logging onto the CUSTOMER ACCESS portion of this web site and must be between 6 and 8 characters in length. PLEASE DON'T FORGET IT.)  
Re-Enter Password  
Customer Name  
Telephone Area Code  
Telephone Number  
Fax Area Code  
Fax Number  
Physical Address  
Physical Code  
Postal Address  
Postal Code  
Email Address / Partner  
Docex Address  
Customer Type   Customer types available:
  1. Normal Customer
    1. All web functionality is accessible including annual returns if the customer is a registered company secretary for the company whose annual return is lodged.
    2. Needs to fax proof of deposit to the number stated at the top of the page in order to be activated.
  2. Bank Customer
    1. Must register as a normal customer and fax an official bank letterhead to to our finance unit at +27 86 522 6639 with a request to be changed to a bank customer.
  3. Company Secretary
    1. All web functionality is accessible.
    2. Activated immediately once CM27A is verified.
  4. Member of the public
    1. All web functionality is accessible.
    2. Activated immediately.
Entity Type

Depending on the entity types of the parties involved (Natural or Juristic), either an enterprise registration number or ID number of one of the members of the partnership must be provided.


  Please select whether you would like to register in your
  personal capacity (Natural person), or as an enterprise
  (Juristic person).

Identification Type  
Organization Type  
Enterprise Registration Number (without slashes) or Identification Number  
Delivery Method  
Communication Method  
I have read and accepted the CIPRO website terms and conditions.

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